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Brand Equity by Exhilarate (also known as BEE) provides customized promotional products to help brand your events. Promotional items, such as anything from custom branded water labels that companies like Custom Water provide, to branded stress balls or notepads… These items can make great giveaways for sponsored events, product launches, conferences, teambuilding events, corporate receptions, etc. We proudly help “Put the buzz in your brand!” Examples of these items have been used to create customer leads, and even create cross-sponsorships between two separate brands for unique collaborations that can increase each companies marketing potential!

Companies that are successful at creating or using promotional items similar to the likes of these custom design bands at for business awareness are finding that their die-hard customers and fans often tend to purchase all possible items for sale, this is seen by the companies as complete customer loyalty to their brand. The effects of loyal customers can be exponential to business growth, as these loyal customers can act as a beacon of knowledge into your brand, customer service, and much more, meaning these types of customers have the ability to make or break your brand! For example, there have even been some companies that have turned their promotional items into permanent brand merchandise due to extreme popularity from many loyal customers! Keep reading on if you’re wanting to try and turn some of your prospecting customers into frequently returning clients with innovative yet simple branded items!

Did you know?

* The average man owns 8 promotional hats

* The average woman owns 5 promotional mugs

* On average, tote bags are kept for about 4 years

* T-Shirts are usually kept for 5 years or more


Promo products don’t always have to be a cookie-cutter pen or T-shirt (although we have some interesting options for those items, too.) It’s an opportunity to get creative and make your event and more importantly, your brand memorable! We put together a list of 50 unique ways to brand a conference here.

BEE’s coming-out party was at the annual Visit Orlando golf tournament where we sponsored a golf hole and gave away golf ball mulligans. It proved to be a fun and memorable way to connect with potential clients.

Need some more ideas for your next event? Browse through our huge selection of products on our website:, or call Selina Mullenax at (407)745-5535 to get a quote.

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