All About the Details

The “vintage” trend is seeing no signs of slowing down and it is no longer constrained to the wedding industry. From antique furniture to recycled knick-knacks, even corporations are borrowing from this style and incorporating them into their events. This weekend we had the pleasure of designing a stage set with plenty of vintage elements based on the classic story of Sherlock Holmes.

Our vision was to re-create what we imagine this world famous detective’s London flat on 221 B Baker Street would look like. It had to appear masculine and reminiscent of Britain in the late 1800s. It also had to align with Sherlock’s interests: science, medicine and criminology. After researching the stories and the author’s description of the small apartment, the vision began taking shape.

The team at The Scenic Shoppe, Exhilarate’s in-house custom fabrication division, began this project by creating an 8’x28’ faux wall backdrop lined with a dark Victorian damask wallpaper and finished with dark crown molding and matching baseboards. They then designed and built a fireplace with a mantle stained in dark brown that served as the backdrop’s focal point. The fireplace itself had a brick backboard with a faux flame surrounded by logs. The mantle featured decorative vases, a ship model and medical books. Sherlock was an avid swordsman, so we hung a set of faux swords above the fireplace mantle.

The tables on the left had a collection of bottles for liquor and for scientific experiments as well as a vintage cigar box with a gold top and containers for tobacco. The other wood table displayed an antique clock with a collection of books held by a globe bookend. Two sets of vintage drinkware were set on silver platters. Above, hung a display of beautiful knives with antique copper handles.

The bureau on the right had another collection of books, a lamp and antique gold scales (a nod to Sherlock Holmes’ desire for justice). Above, hung a copper engraving of a ship framed in wood. We placed a leather chair right next to the fireplace so that one could “read by the fire.”

The center of the stage had a large area rug that was topped with a brown sofa with pillows and a red vintage wingback chair with a throw. A pile of books was placed at the foot of the chair, the top being an old Sherlock Holmes story with beautiful gold binding. After all, it’s all in the details.

The Exhilarate team thrives on creativity and specializes in designing out-of-the-box experiences. Give us a call to assist you in your planning process so that your event can leave a lasting memory for your guests.

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