Giant tents littered across oceans of grass all across the world. It is autumn and you find yourself saying Hallo instead of Hello to one another. What is this phenomenon that is just consuming you and millions of others all across the world? What else but Oktoberfest!

As you enter these convention sized tents, you are immediately seated at a captivating wooden table and given a front row view at one of the world’s best spectacles. You come in thinking you are about to witness a circus but it’s not the typical elephant riding on a unicycle or lion jumping through rings of fire like you would normal expect to see. Instead it’s a circus of beer and food! You have waiters and waitresses dressed in traditional German clothing like that of the 19th century handing you Das Boot full of ice cold beer. What better way to enjoy the nice cool autumn weather.

You are probably wondering why Oktoberfest decided to spell it with a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’. Well that is actually how you spell October in German, so it literally means October festival. Bet you didn’t think you could read German, congratulations! Here is a little secret most people probably kept from you until now, the majority of Oktoberfest is actually held in September. Started in 1810 as a festival to celebrate the matrimony of King Ludwig I, what started off as a party to give back to the citizens of Bavaria has grown to one of the most popular fall festivals in the world!

If you are looking to partake in this global phenomenon and entice your employees, customers or even just for an October themed conference, look no further. We can have your event or party designed like an authentic Bavarian experience. What better way to drink your beer than under a massive white tent, seated at beautiful wooden tables and served to you by people dressed like the gentlemen above. From the 2 liter Das Boot to a regular pint, we can have those glasses embroidered with your brand. Want to liven the place up with some authentic music? We got you covered with the Lorelei Bavarian Band who

have been headlining German themed events for over 10 years! All that difficult planning and logistical thinking will be taken care of so that this event runs as smooth as possible.


So grüß Gott and if this German paradise is a destination that you would like to create, contact us at Exhilarate Events & Marketing and we can make this celebration something that King Ludwig I would be proud of.


To learn more about the Lorelei Bavarian Band, click here



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