Grecian Theme

Greece is famous for a plethora of things throughout its existence through time. From their world renown architecture to their ancient teachings that have persisted throughout history from famous philosophers and their schools of thoughts, it’s a no brainer that we can draw some inspiration from Greece’s vibrant culture to create a perfect Mediterranean getaway for your next event.

Make the most out of your space by using tall white columns that resemble the architecture in Greece to create an entry way that will feel like entering an ancient Mediterranean getaway. You can go the extra mile here and create ancient ruins with faux marbled bricks. Have some entertainers pose as Greecian statues to pose in these areas to create a more authentic experience. The entertainers can remain still throughout the venue and then move slowly as the event goes on. It’ll change the environment throughout the night and keep your guests entertained with lots of photo opportunities. For real props that don’t move, be sure to include still marble statues that imitate famous art such as the Aphrodite de Milos.


For centerpieces on your Grecian tables, include hydria vases. Hydria vases are black with artwork of scenes that depict everyday life in Greek Culture. Have these vases overflowing with vines of ivy and blossomed lilies, both of which are native to Greece. Add an extra touch by incorporating little small white lights throughout the flowers and ivy for a delicate astronomical look. To keep within the theming, serve a traditional liquor as your specialty drink at the event. Ouzo, a famous Greek Liquor that tastes like licorice which comes from the flavoring of anise. Ouzo is a unique drink your guests will enjoy due to the fact that when Ouzo comes into contact with ice or water, it goes from being clear to a cloudy consistency. It’s a conversation piece for your event that will spark among your guests.

Anyone is sure to love this Mediterranean twist on a destination event theme. It’s elegant and timeless, just like Greece. If this is something you’d want to come to life, contact Exhilarate today and we can make this Grecian idea a reality.

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