Cinco de Mayo Theme!

Although widely interpreted as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, the 5th of May is commemorating the date of the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in many other countries than Mexico itself. The holiday is celebrated mostly in the city of Puebla. To have the most authentic Cinco de Mayo for your event, we’ve taken some inspiration from Puebloan traditions that occur each year.

Décor ideas for your Cinco de Mayo themed event would be to create a backdrop with Fort Loreto and Fort Guadalupe, national Mexican landmarks that were nearby where the Battle of Puebla took place. These will serve as great photo opportunities for your guests when they arrive. Have your tables covered with vibrant linens to add a warm bright feel to your space. To add more patriotism to your event, hang some Mexican flags up along the walls to commemorate the Mexican victory.

To create an engaging environment, have your entertainment walk around dressed as French and Mexican soldiers that can interact with your guests. Having this interactive element will ensure that your guests will experience a piece of the past in a interesting and fun way. Incorporate dancers in your Mexican Affair that will perform traditional dances that are native to the country.

For your centerpieces, get Dahlias, the national flower of Mexico and put them in brightly colored vases so that the tables look very warm and inviting. You can incorporate tiny lights in the flowers that fade from red, green, and white to put a personal touch that will not go unnoticed from your guests. For your cocktails, we recommend margaritas, it’s Cinco de Mayo after all! Serve them in glasses you can put the events tagline on so its becomes an item you guests can share on their social medias.

Does this Mexican affair sound like something you’d want to bring to your next event? Contact us at Exhilarate and we can make your south of the border dreams come true.

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