Backwoods Swamp Theme

Florida has been known for its picturesque shoreline and globally recognized theme parks that attract people from all over the world to visit. However, the state swamps are an often-overlooked gem that would make a great theme for your next conference.

Choosing a swamp theme will make your conference a casual setting where your attendees will be able to relax. The most infamous inhabitants of swamps are alligators. In Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates there are 1.3 million alligators in the state. It’s only logical that we would incorporate these previously endangered species into the décor so that guests will really feel like they’re taking a trip to the everglades.

To create an eerie swamp feeling, use the surrounding areas around the venue and line them with faux dead vegetation, and tall moss hanging trees. Put alligators hiding in the thicket with their snouts and  eyes peering out at your guests. Also, hide other wetland animals native to Florida around the room such a birds and frogs. To bring the swamp to your table, create centerpieces that have tall grasses that would be typically found in a swamp environment. Among the native grasses for Florida, have a mix of the common water reed and sugarcane plumegrass so that your centerpieces can achieve a larger than life look with these tall grasses. Add in small microlights so each centerpiece will look like it’s riddled with fireflies to create a peaceful look for each table. Along the bottom of your centerpieces, add in lilies and small frogs so that it feels like each table has a small swamp. What better way to being enjoy being in Florida’s swamps than to enjoy drinks that you’d find in some backwoods shack off of the river.

Themed cocktails that would be a hit with your guests are swamp water and a classic moonshine cocktail. Serve them in mason jars to achieve the ultimate backwoods style you’re looking for. Lastly, for entertainment, bring in live animals such as birds or a baby alligator. It’ll be a talking point of your conference where people will want to take photos. Having live animals will make your conference a truly Floridian experience and will leave your guests feeling like they got something extra out of going to the conference.

Whether you’re coming to Florida or want a warmer climate atmosphere for your next conference, we can help you here at Exhilarate!

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