Mythbusters: Event Themes Edition

After airing in 2003, Mythbusters quickly took off; becoming one of the most popular shows in the early 2000s. With the show’s fun take on the scientific method, special effect experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman test the validity in rumors and in societiy’s everyday myths. Often, the show makes reference to iconic scenes from classic movies: “Can you really hold onto the roof of a speeding car?” or “Can a speeding car crash into a fruit stand, and keep on driving?” Thus, setting the premisefor ever-thrilling  episode.

To play off these high-speed/high-action mythbusting episodes when planning an event, try  incorporating crash test dummies into your space!  They can become props for interactive photo opportunities or a thematic concept for your stage décor. Centering the crash test dummies on your stage and placing and assortment ofobjects around them can give the illusion that they have been   thrown from a car during one of the test-runs. Use props like yellow caution tape and tools that would regularly be used on Mythbuster . Adding small but detailed elements into the designis vital to the overall enjoyment and visual stimulation of your attendees.

Mythbusters has flourished for fourteen consecutive seasons of engaging andmemorable content. To ensure that your attendees will visit all of the exhibition tables, create areas around the space commemorating the most memorable episodes.  For instance, episode 179 which featured Adam and Jamie marooned on a tropical island with only a pallet of duct tape to use as their materials for getting off of the island. For this episode, imagine creating a space full of ship wrecked materials and duct tape which overflows from a crate. Another décor idea is a “Lego Ball” which is a seven ftball of Lego blocks  that come together and become a rolling weapon of mass destruction. Hang a large Lego sculpture from the ceiling with smaller Lego pieces on a display tables surrounding. This provides an area for guests can build their own Lego creations. To add a polished look to this idea, get your company brand customizedonto the Lego ball.

Instead of pouring drinks into regular glass cups, serve specialty cocktails in scientific beakers. This incorporates appealing scientific element into your drinks, while also making them fun and memorable for your guests.  If you’d like to experiment with us in formulating your next conference, contact us at Exhilarate and we will happily help you!

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