Entertaining Coffee Ideas for Your Next Event

Coffee has been known for its surprising health benefits and, of course, for its addictive flavor. We see coffee shops, coffeehouses, and coffee bars all over the place and it is a fact that millions of people around the world are consuming it more often. Also, believe it or not, this drink can be used as a powerful social tool to bring people together. So why don’t you include it at your next event?


Using coffee as a way to entertain your guests and encourage them to socialize with one another can help your event to become a memorable success. You can do this by hiring a mobile espresso van that will adjust to your special occasion’s needs. This type of catering is perfect for corporate functions, parties, and even weddings, and will keep your guests happy and energized.


If you want to provide exceptional customer service at your event, a coffee bar could be a good idea. Having a coffee caterer and skilled professional baristas serving different types of coffee and offering diverse entertainment options will increase your guests’ satisfaction. Coffee bars can come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some of these bars can be lighten up with your choice of colors so you can match them with your company’s branding or with your event surroundings.


There are so many activities ideas that can help an event to stand out. For example, maybe during a networking event you can carry out a fragrance testing activity and you can use coffee beans as olfactory palate cleansers. This could be a fun entertaining moment to show your attendees the many uses and benefits that coffee can bring to their lives. If are looking for somewhere to get coffee beans, then you can get them at places like Iron and Fire. You want to make sure you have the best quality coffee for your event.


Another creative way to include coffee in your event is with a Team Building Trading activity. This type of entertainment is ideal for business groups that would like to learn more about strategies and planning and how to manage resources correctly. It highlights the importance of win-win negotiations with collaborative decision making and having a clear goal. Who would have thought that coffee games could be so fun and educational?


This coffee bar experience can be paid for via a sponsor! You can have a sponsor for the cups, the sleeves, the actual bar, cart, “coffee hour” or team building
experience. Companies are looking for ways to be creative with their sponsorship dollars – why not allow them this opportunity?

Interested in infusing your next event with coffee? Let us help!

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