Highlights from WEC 2015 – San Francisco!

Our blog recapping MPI WEC is always a hit and it’s crazy that it’s already October and WEC2015 seems like a distance memory but this will be a true test of event “sticky-ness”

The Destination – How can you go wrong with San Francisco! Its a beauty and so engaging that I found myself daydreaming about Dim Sum in Chinatown, sour dough bread, and trolley cars vs. watching the keynote.

WEC Opening Night 2015

WEC Opening Night – Vintage Sideshow Carnival Freaks

Opening Event – Even though our Uber driver got very lost and first took us to the scary part of the docks (crime scene and mafia cement shoes scary) we final found our way to the real freak show vintage carni scene. Event design as my first passion, I really loved this out of the box experience. Kudos to the lighting design team, I noticed all your talent and hard work, from the seamless stretch of gobo projection on the entry carpet to the shadow effect on the aerial act, it was some great party entertainment to be had that’s for sure.

DJ Roonie G - WEC

DJ Roonie G at Breakfast – Absolutely!

  • DJ Roonie G– Ok, honesty here, I am already a big fan, we love to use him for our corporate events, he always delivers an amazing show, and now I know even at 8am in the morning!
  • Temporary meeting room walls in the foyer – score! Loved that I could meet up with a few of my fellow MPI board members and have a semi-private conversation


Education – If the packed room in each of Organized Audrey’s sessions is any indication then we are all starving for practical time saving skills….seriously some guy confessed he had 23,000 e-mails in his inbox. The worst Audrey’s every seen is 26,000 so whew I guess my 10,000 isn’t so bad. My goal by WEC 2016, a zero ninja!

Knowing event planning is not all rainbows and butterflies here are a in my opinion a few “fails” Chia Seed Pudding – really? – I mean really. Loved the brunch award show concept but you have to know that chia seed pudding is going to maybe please 3 people in a room of thousands….hmmm, seems I don’t have any other fails, GREAT Job MPI! See you all in Atlantic City!

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