Keeping It Cool

The sun is out and it is HOT; that can only mean one thing… it’s officially summer! Here are a few of our favorite food and beverage ideas to serve at events to keep your attendees feeling cool and refreshed.

                                                  Nitrogen Ice Cream

nitrogen-ice-cream.jpgIt’s a blast! This is a fun and entertaining way to eat ice cream, where attendees can choose their ice cream flavors and watch as a chef freezes their mixture instantly. Since the ice cream is frozen so quickly, ice crystals don’t have time to form, and the result is a smooth, creamy concoction. It is an entertainment attraction and the attendees will be kept cool in the coolest way.

Frozen Drinksfrozen drinks

Frozen drinks not only keep the body cool, but can also be a hot topic of conversation. Depending on your audience, choose from drinks such as frozen cocktails, smoothies, slushies, or iced coffees. Allow attendees to customize their drinks with different flavors, syrups, toppings and garnishes for maximum enjoyment. When planning your event, consider having a signature beverage of the day served in a branded cup.

infused water Infused Water

For a more subtle presentation, have a water bar with several fruit and herb infused options like “Strawberry Basil,” “Lemon Lavender” and “Ginger Peach.” Another alternative is to have plain water with frozen fruit. They can either be used as ice cubes or as a sweet, healthy snack. There is no better feeling and taste than nibbling on fresh fruit at its peak of freshness during the summer heat!

Out of the Boxout of the box

Although these ideas are not necessarily new, give them a twist by adding a few elements of surprise! Top craft beers with frozen beer foam such as those served in Dodger’s Stadium or bring in a mixologist that is knowledgeable in molecular gastronomy to take your event’s food and beverage to the next level! Turn your frozen drinks into fun powders, foams, sphere “caviar” or gelatin shooters. Also, get creative and serve your delicious mixtures in interesting containers such as coconut shells, mini paint cans or blown glass.

With these great event food and beverage ideas there will be no more summertime sadness from your corporate attendees! We’d be happy to provide you with more cool ideas or help in the event planning process – just give us a call!

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