Corks Galore

Corks, corks, and more corks! Do we have any wine drinkers out there? We recently put together a Wines Around the World themed event and we found fun, easy, authentic DIY décor to put together using recycled wine cork. Ever heard of corking? It’s a fun term we brought to our vocabulary around the Exhilarate office. Corking: to cover an ordinary object in cork to transform it into an extraordinary decorative piece.


Our cork balls were definitely the top buzz by the attendees! They were easy to make with just a few simple steps. First, paint a Styrofoam ball (we used ones with a 4″ diameter) dark brown or tan in case there are any visible gaps. While you let those dry, starting heating up a glue gun. Once the base coat of paint is dry, you’re ready to start gluing corks! We recommend using synthetic cork, as they are a light material and more even in size. Glue the corks as close to each other as possible until the entire surface is covered. These simple yet eye-catching cork balls are sure to be a hit!


Our cork bar tops were another favorite! We built custom wood bars with detachable wooden bar tops. We then corked them up by placing corks along the border of the bar tops in a woven pattern. We left the center cork-free and placed slate tiles in the middle for this particular event, though they can be interchanged with different tile styles for future events. We suggest leaving the bar tops uncovered so that attendees can feel and touch the actual cork; it also gives the bar tops an authentic, rustic feel.


Using scrap wood, paint and cork, we created frames for the signs that displayed the wine list. They matched the design of each particular wine region.


Do you have any leftover cork? Make use of it by placing them in a glass vase or bowl. These can be arranged in clusters near the food bars, on tabletops, or even used as accents throughout the room.

Now, you may be wondering where you can find all the cork needed to create these amazing masterpieces. Local restaurants and hotels go through tons of wine and many of those are more than happy to partner up with you to save the corks they would normally throw away. All it takes is a simple phone call.


Corking is a fun way to get creative with recycle materials, especially if you are doing a wine themed event! For more information on renting our custom bars and wine walls, give us a call!

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