Prop It Up Designs


We are proud to announce the launch of our custom fabrication and rental division, Prop It Up Designs. This arm of Exhilarate LLC specializes in building custom décor elements for events and rental companies. We fabricate everything in house and pass the savings on to you. From unique bars and buffets, to custom concepts for themed events, our expert carpenters can build almost anything.

Recently we sponsored an MPI event, the request was for a judge’s bench and witness stand for their “Day In Court” meeting. The fully functional wooden stand featured a beautiful walnut glaze finish. It was also constructed to fold in on itself for easy transportation and storage.


Many of the designs will be available for rental. We are currently constructing and “Wines of the World” custom bars and back bars that will be available for rental after May 18th. Keep a look out for the pictures coming soon.

Our website is currently under construction, but we will be happy to answer any inquiries and provide a quote. Email us at

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