Frozen: Creating an Ice Palace

Disney’s Frozen has taken the world over by storm! No, not an ice age, but rather the movie that everyone loves! Frozen has become a great family movie for both children and adults featuring lively animation, adorable characters like Elsa and Olaf, epic adventures, inspiring themes, and a beautiful winter wonderland. Your love for Frozen doesn’t have to stop at just watching the movie though – incorporate a Winter Wonderland or Ice Palace theme into your meetings and events as well.


Grand Entrance

If the guests are coming to a Frozen-inspired Ice Palace themed party, then make them feel like royalty by entering the event on a white carpet, instead of a red carpet. The entrance can also be decorated with tall glass cylinders filled with white artificial snow and tall, silver branches with hanging crystal icicles.


Table Décor

An event would not be “frozen” if the whole event did not have white décor accents. Cover the tables with white linen and line them with beautiful clear acrylic chairs. Elsa’s Ice Palace in the movie was made entirely out of ice crystals so use this as inspiration for the centerpieces. We decorated the tables with crystal vases filled with white artificial snow, a white LED light, sparkly snowflake pieces, topped with a large crystal diamond. You could also top the vase with sparkling white or silver snowflakes. Finish the centerpieces with a scatter of crystal gems.


For different kinds of tables within the event or if you’re on a smaller budget, try these smaller centerpieces to light up the event. Use frosted votive jars with real or LED candles and tie a colored ribbon with a crystal in the center. Make the crystal scatter more multi-dimensional by mixing in different sized crystals and gems.


Perimeter Décor

Just because the event is a Frozen-inspired Ice Palace theme does not mean it has to be a cold, uninviting, and dull event. Lighted LED branches and candles can be used to add some warmth and illumination.

Themed environments and events are always fun and can make a guest’s experience very special, and more importantly, memorable. If these ideas inspired you to create a beautiful and magical Frozen-inspired Ice Palace, call us today to make the dream a reality!

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