Branded Bluetooth Mini Speakers









One of the most frequent questions we receive regarding promotional gifting is, “What can I give that people will love and not throw away?” Thanks to this lovely question, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite pieces other clients have ordered.

First up, this colorful mini speaker. We had the pleasure of making these in white with a green logo for a client in Las Vegas this past Spring.

The plastic speaker measures 1.8 x1.8″ but packs a punch, producing high definition quality wirelessly. It connects via Bluetooth to your cell phone or computer so you can listen to music at home, at the office or even outdoors. It can come in black, blue, green, orange, yellow, red and white; whatever color you need to compliment your logo. It reminded us of the computer speakers you can find on sites like gear surfer that is a great place to discover reviews on electronics.

The packaging for the mini speaker contains a convenient carrying pouch that protects the device, a 31″ charging cord and a USB cable to physically connect to the computer or cell phone. This is one promo item that your attendees can use and enjoy on a daily basis.

“The product I ordered is a nice combination between good quality and low cost.” Ask us how you can give the mini speakers as your next promotional gift!

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