Maximize Your Conference Experience via Social Media

Social media has changed the way attendees connect at conferences. A handshake with a business card will no longer cut it. People are now connecting beforehand and already have a conversation going before they even arrive to a conference. Connecting with people before you arrive will take the already-existing, online relationship to the next level when you’re there. If you have found yourself lost in all of the social media going on during a conference, below is a list of pointers to get you through.

  1. Start Early: As soon as the official attendee list is released, look through it for people you know as well as people you would like to meet. Get in touch with them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ and schedule a time with them to have coffee, lunch, dinner, or drinks.
  2. Do Your Research: Of course you want to start early, but actually dive into your research. Spend time getting to know the speakers as well as your fellow attendees by checking out their social presence. The more you know, the more engaging your conversations will be.

  3. Follow Sponsoring Brands: By connecting with the sponsoring brands before a conference, it shows them that you acknowledge them as a sponsor. It’s also a great way to find any behind-the-scenes information about the conference.

  4. Create a Twitter List: Twitter has made organization easy. With their lists feature, you can add the speakers, attendees, sponsors, etc. into a list (or two or three.) The list will then be able to show you activity before, during and after the conference. You can make this list private in order to keep organization with the people you follow (or don’t) but you can also make this list available to the public, hence all the other attendees.
  5. Be Interested: People buy from people they like, know and trust. Remember that the time to sell is not when you are meeting people. That time is to solidify relationships. You can build those real relationships by being genuinely interested in the other person rather than shoving your business card in their face.

  6. Follow Hashtags: This is my number one most recommended tip to connect with others at a conference via social media. Be sure to follow the conference hashtag twitter and even instagram and facebook! In real time, you can easily connect with others who are in the same session with you and are looking for someone to grab lunch with after.

  7. Utilize Conference App: If the conference has an app – use it. It’s as simple as that. Make sure you update your personal contact information on there including the best ways for others to contact you.
  8. Post Live Updates: Many speakers will list their twitter handle in their presentation. Include this in any fun facts you takeaway from their session or a quote you really liked. If it caught your attention, it’s safe to say others will like it as well. Show (don’t just tell) by include pictures and videos. And always be sure to include the conference hashtag.

  9. Tweet & Converse: Reply to other posts, tag others in your posts and possibly host a tweet-up. You can welcome out-of-towners if the conference is being held in your city.

  10. Keep In Touch: Just because the conference has ended doesn’t mean the relationship that you’ve built over the past week or so has. Check back in with these connections every so often.

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