CSR: Step It Up For Hunger


A client of ours has an annal CSR event attached to their client conference. This year the conference was in Las Vegas, and we were faced with the mission of creating something to top last year’s event and the purpose of connecting to the company’s tagline of “There’s Power in Community.” One of the challenges in Las Vegas conventions is all of the walking that occurs because of the the massive hotels, we decided to make it an advantage.


The concept Step it Up for Hunger was created. We teamed up with Three Square (Clark County’s largest food bank) with the goal of 1 million steps by the attendees during the conference, which would supply 7,500 meals to the hungry children of Las Vegas. Attendees were given custom-branded pedometers which counted every step taken during the four-day conference. As an added result, the attendees got a kick out of seeing how many steps they actually took during the conference and even made small competitions between themselves.


Math that Matters:

  • We received almost 100% participation by the attendees
  • The goal of 1,000,000 steps was exceeded
  • The average steps a person walked during a 4-day conference was 40,000  (that’s close to 20 miles!)
  • We were able to provide 7,500 meals to those in need in the community


We, here at exhilarate events! Believe that adding a corporate social responsibility element to your next event should be stress-free and fun. The options are unlimited and we’re here to help you to focus in on an event or activity that will combine your company’s mission with a measurable goal and purpose. With that being said, what are some of the best CSR events you’ve seen, planned or participated in?

Be sure to contact us for your company’s customized pedometer to incorporate at your next conference as a CSR touch.

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