Trends: Remix Run!


Trending Now! Themed runs are all the rage now, with the Dine and Dash, Color Run, Foam Fest, Tough Mudder, Devil Dash and so many others just popping up left and right, we decided to create our own: Remix Run!

While sponsoring the 5K Fun Run/Walk for PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference in Orlando, we decided to throw the “fun” back in Fun Run with the Remix Run!. Aside from the costumes that participants are always excited to wear at themed runs, we played up with a little tongue and cheek of a “throwback” to icons of workout infomercials. We had impersonators of legendary work-out heroes from the 70’s and 80’s, volunteers with neon LED clappers cheering on the runners and a mobile Hummer DJ to keep the excitement level at a high all throughout the run.

Richard Simmons started off the race with his “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” workout routine to get everyone’s muscles stretched and funny bones warmed up. Once the air horn went off, the runners encountered Suzanne Somers with her infamous thigh master, Tony Little “Gazelling” at the halfway point and Rocky Balboa ending the race with a stair challenge up the towering stairs of the Orange County Convention Center. Reaching the finish line, runners were cheered on to finish strong by joyous, applauding volunteers.

After every participant crossed the finish line underneath the illuminated balloon arch, an awards ceremony and congratulatory celebration took place. Top runners from various categories were selected for their prizes, and snacks to recharge were available for all.


 – Pippa O’Shea, @pippapop92, placed 9th!

 – Carson Edwards, @carsonedwardsjr, placed 12th!

We love adding exhilarating concepts and ideas to your events! Contact us now about your upcoming run or race to see how we can put the “fun” back in to it! From the entertainment to the coordinators, the entire environment will be exhilarating!


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