Activating Hope

This past year, we were approached by a developing foundation to help achieve their goals to define their brand identity, grow their exposure to donor base, and showcase photography works of the founder in order to raise funds in a high-end gallery experience.

To develop a brand we designed new logo, tag line, website and social media strategy and development. We sent out invitations, reached out to existing relationships and targeted additional donor bases. The biggest challenge was to understand the bridge between the photographer’s work and how to best tell the mission of the foundation as it inspires hope to those who see the artwork.

We also designed high-end gallery receptions that effectively displayed 125 photographs with 16 inspiring stories of people living in harsh conditions yet providing hope and help to their community from 5 different countries. These galleries were displayed in the major markets of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and were specifically designed to engage with the philanthropists and business leaders in attendance.

Planning a tour of this scale takes some logistical finesse to get the art up in 8 hours, have a 3 hour reception, take it all back down and ship it out to the next location within 2 hours in order to do it all over again in just a few days.  We also had to make sure some TLC was given to our fragile elements. Just imagine… one crushed box and we don’t have a show!

We also supported fundraising efforts by designing tour T-shirts and coffee table books as well as secure silent auction items. The final outcome was truly inspiring!

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