Event Design Trend: Feathers

     Feathers. We saw it in fashion week, we’ve seen it on celebrities, and now we’ve been seeing it all over the event world. This classic trend from centuries past has come back in full force, and has saturated ballrooms with their fun, exotic appeal. Now we’re not talking about any old faux feather you may find on a cheap boa. No, we’re talking about large, peacock and pheasant feathers that are unique in both color and design. Weather they are combined in arrangements, or standing alone, this trend is one that you simply cannot pass up.
     This past month we were fortunate to host not one, but two events that featured this remarkable element. The first was the Peacock Ball in Winter Park. While this event has been a tradition to the iconic city for the past six years, the extent to which the peacock was represented was blown to innovative proportions. Using the title as the focus point, our floral designers used lively peacock feathers to create one-of-a-kind centerpieces that truly stopped the guests in their tracks. Sitting atop a sea of alternating Peacock Blue and Moss Green crushed luminous linens, these feathers added that extra something that was able to transform the room from ordinary to outstanding. Not to mention a highlight of the night, a living masterpiece showcasing a lady dressed flawlessly as a peacock. This interactive element served both as entertainment as well as a photo opportunity.
     The second event, a gala dinner reception to conclude a local medical foundation’s annual conference, featured feathers of a different flock. Instead of the traditional peacock, exotic black and white lady Amherst feathers were used to create a flowery design that stemmed from a translucent vase to create another striking centerpiece. The admiration toward this trend was seen as the night progressed, as many of the guests plucked their very own feather to take home as a keepsake.
     Overall, it is apparent that this trend isn’t migrating south for quite awhile. One simply cannot escape the beauty and excitement that these gorgeous creatures have blessed us with. Their uniqueness, alongside their versatility, makes them one of our favorite event design trends this season.However, as we prepare for November, we anticipate that another bird may take the spotlight.

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