Creative Corporate Social Responsibility

Of all the trends in the industry throughout the ages, the most timeless and vastly imperative trend of all lies in Corporate Social Responsibility. In the glamorous world of the event industry it’s easy to get blinded by the LED Lighting and forget that others outside our trendy bubble are suffering all around us. At Exhilarate, we strongly support CSR initiatives, and are so thankful to have been able to produce an event for our client that truly made an impact in our community.


“My family and I had a fantastic time at the carnival yesterday, and we just wanted to say thank you very much. The most incredible part of the event was not the fabulous games, prizes, popcorn, or crafts- they were great- but the enthusiasm displayed by all of your employees, the way they welcomed my son with a warm and patient smile, and made him feel like the most special kid in the world, really made my eyes swell with tears, and for that I will always remember that day and be so grateful for the wonderful Open Solutions company. THANK YOU!” – Theresa

Demonstrating how there is “Power in Community,” we produced a free mini carnival at the Loews Portofino Hotel for children from various disabilities – such as Autism and past families.  The carnival included the classic booths such as: Ring Toss, Krazy Kans, Frog Hop, and Skee Ball, as well as several other fun activities such as face painting, a moon bounce, mini-golf, balloon making, and craft tables that provided endless entertainment for the children and the volunteers alike. But dissimilar to a traditional carnival, each and every child walked away from the booths with a prizes.  in hand  In addition to prizes, raffle prizes of tickets to movies, dinner, Universal Studios and the favorite amoung the kids – a giant stuffed animal, that made a huge impact on Adam.


“If this is the company that provided the wonderful carnival at the Portofino Hotel in Orlando for the local Autism Society this afternoon. I just wanted to say Thanks! Our family had a wonderful time and my son, Adam was so happy to actually win at a carnival. In the past, he has never one anything. So, today changed that, especially when he walked out with “Bob” the bear. Your team was warm,welcoming and cheered all the kids on. There were smiles everywhere. Thank you for making my son happy and giving us a Norman Rockwell afternoon. This is what makes this country great, the random acts of kindness, empathy and caring that does exist even in the corporate world. Too bad the Occupy crowd could not have witnessed this event. There is goodness all around you just have to chose to see it. Sincerely, Heidi”

What made this event truly unique and essential is the obvious impact it had on the community.  While the children initially walked into the venue feeling overwhelmed,  they all left with huge smiles on their faces and a feeling of accomplishment in their hearts . And if laughter and smiles is the best medicine, than it is safe to say we cured all the guests 🙂

Overall, this event not only benefited the children who attended, but the parents and the company volunteers as well. Simply being surrounded by the kindhearted energy is enough to make you truly think about the world we live in, and motivate you to support the Power in Community.

Check out this video for a full recap of the event!


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