New Website. New Rules of Engagement.

While we engage with new and existing customers once or twice every year at networking meetings, education sessions, industry conferences/tradeshows and yearly meetings – we know face time and relationships are so very important. Ideally we want to keep those connections and conversations going all year long with you until the next time we see each other.

Our intentions are not to blast you every week with what we are doing. Although we do want to deliver you relevant content that you can use in your day to day business operations that will help you create better events. Beautiful events, engaging events, savvy events, forward- thinking events,  that will be buzz worthy, and memorable.

Keeping you interested and engaged with what we have to say, we know is going to be quite a feat, but are up to the task. Today’s online landscape with all the information that is out there make information overload on all of us a challenge. It is now easier to connect with your favorite brands and companies online, but it is also easier to get TMI and burnout.

People can tweet, post facebook statuses online, but are you really reading them, yes there is LOTS from every direction, But what information do you care to read or weed through?

This is our promise to you with our fresh new website, deliver you content that you care about:

-Relevant Content

-Tips/tricks that you care about

-Trends that you may have just heard about but never seen. 

Supplier trends- décor, A/V, lighting and event technology.

-Why trust us?

View proven results through event recaps and case studies.


Sharing is caring. Reviewing success stories and event challenges – so you can avoid learning it the hard way or reap the rewards faster.

As our gift to you, we thank you for visiting our site, and hope you come back again and again, we welcome you to discover the latest in online engagement strategies- a FREE e-book courtesy from our friends at Awareness, Inc.  – social marketing software.

11 Strategies to Increase Engagement highlights best practice examples that businesses of all sizes can emulate. Follow these strategies and reap the benefits of increased engagement, including:

– Getting people talking about your brand

– Learning more about your customers

– Learning more about your competitors

– Develop and solicit feedback on new marketing strategies to communicate with potential customers

Let us know what you think of the FREE e-book and Exhilarate’s new website! We welcome your feedback and “look forward to continuing the conversation”!

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